Boost your bankroll with Unibet casino bonuses

Discover everything there is to know about Unibet casino bonuses, whether they are worthwhile, what to expect and currently available promotions.

A complete overview of Unibet casino bonuses

Unibet gambling Canada offers a wide variety of services, and thus many types of bonuses are also available to players. For example, the Unibet poker welcome bonus for all new online poker registrations, plus a separate promo for the online casino and sportsbook. Using these available promotions is free entertainment on the casino’s account.


Sign-up bonuses for Canadian players

Throughout Canada, players are eligible for a Unibet welcome bonus with up to three separate bonuses to be claimed. The welcome offer is available for the online casino, poker and sportsbook. The online casino promo is a first deposit bonus of up to 500 CAD, calculated using the first deposit amount, which is then doubled as credits.


Unibet recurring reload bonuses

Existing players receive a special promo from the Unibet online casino also called a reload bonus. Each week, players receive a free spin bonus from Unibet on selected slot machines. For the online casino, there is a promo known as Lucky Thursdays, where players can claim a $50 bonus. Reload bonuses are also available for the sportsbook.


The Unibet refer-a-friend promo

Each participant in the promo is allocated a unique Unibet registration link, which can be sent to a friend or number of friends. For participants to be eligible for the bonus code, recipients of the link need to create an account using those details and, depending on the terms and conditions, make an initial deposit. Following the recipient’s successful acceptance and registration, a Unibet casino bonus code is issued directly to the participant’s account.


How to Claim Unibet bonuses

To claim a Unibet casino welcome bonus, it’s only necessary to register on the Unibet website by creating an account.

Bonus codes at Unibet online casino

To receive a Unibet casino welcome bonus, it is not necessary to use any promo code. During the registration process on the Unibet website, there are several options to choose from, just select which bonus is to be activated and complete the required steps. The bonus is then automatically allocated to the account on completion.


Bonuses for Unibet mobile users

Presently, there are no special bonuses offered for the Unibet Casino App. Nevertheless, players can still claim the same promotions that are being offered on desktops. It is even possible to activate the bonus on the desktop and then use it on your mobile device. The same terms and conditions are eligible for both platforms.


An explanation of wagering requirements

For every Unibet sign-up bonus code, or any other promo for that matter, players need to comply with wagering requirements if there is a request to withdraw winnings from a bonus. The casino requires players to wager the value of the bonus a couple of rounds before any pay-out is possible.


A breakdown of Unibet bonus terms and conditions

Wagering requirements are one of the many terms and conditions players need to comply with. Continue reading to find out more about other relevant terms and conditions.


Availability of bonuses for a limited time

After a bonus has been claimed, it is only available for a limited time. The promo, including the winnings, will disappear from the account if it is not used within a certain timeframe.


Promos that can only be used for certain games

The casino can also put limitations on Unibet games that can be played with the bonus. This is often the case with free spins, which can only be used for certain games.


Promos that can only be used for certain bets

Unibet can also restrict the types of bets that players can place with promo credits. This is often the case with bonuses for sports betting, where participants can only place bets with certain odds.


Restrictions on the withdrawals from a bonus

After a bonus has been claimed, the player cannot withdraw it instantly. They first need to wager it for a couple of rounds before it can be paid out.


The order of funds that are being used

Unibet has a rule that when there are credits on a player’s account, including own money and bonus, own funds will be used first and then promo. This order cannot be changed.


Terms for cancelling a bonus after claiming it

If the player feels they are not able to meet the terms and conditions of the promo, they can choose to cancel the bonus. Following cancellation, any promo credits, including the winnings from it, will be removed from the player’s account.

Unibet bonuses: FAQ

Some feedback of responses to frequently asked questions regarding Unibet bonuses:

  • Which bonuses are being offered to existing players?

    There are several special offers available for existing players. For example, Lucky Thursday, whereby members can claim $50 every week and sportsbook promos frequently offer recurring promos during major events, such as Champions League or Roland Garros. Keep a close eye on the Unibet website for news of details and offers.

  • How can I claim my welcome offer?

    Welcome offers are only available for new players who register on the Unibet website. If a participant wishes to claim a welcome promo, then it’s necessary to first create an account on the Unibet website. From the homepage, click on the register button, which directs you to the registration page and offers.

  • Why can’t I withdraw my bonus credits?

    It is not possible to withdraw bonus credits immediately, the value of the promo credits must be wagered for a couple of rounds before this restriction is lifted. This is part of wagering requirements terms and conditions, and almost every promo has these terms.

  • What should I do if I cannot claim my promo?

    Firstly, players must read through the terms and conditions of the promo to understand if all conditions are being met. If full compliance has been observed, then proceed to contact customer support, who will be happy to help. Please be certain to document everything via screenshots to send to the support team for investigation.

  • What is the best promotion at Unibet?

    Unibet is a website that offers something for every type of gambler, whether that be casino games, sports betting, poker or bingo. For this reason, there are also a wide variety of promotions being offered. The best promo is therefore subjective according to the interests of the player.