Unibet Promotions for 2023

Find all you need to know about the latest Unibet promotions for 2022 right here. Unibet is known for its excellent casino platform, gripping games, and generous bonuses and awards for new and existing players.

Overview of casino bonuses at Unibet

The bonuses that players can receive from this gambling site are very diverse. In the next paragraphs, you can read more about what to expect.


Types of bonuses that are available

Since Unibet offers an online casino and sports book, there are also different types of promos available. For sports betting, players can receive a Free Bet. This is extra money that can be used to place bets. For casino games, you can receive Free Spins, which can be used on selected slot machines.


How the bonuses work exactly

To be able to claim a bonus, you first need to create an account on the gambling site. You can do this by sharing some personal details with the casino. Then you can start choosing which bonus you would like to get. Then, you have to place a minimum deposit to be able to activate the promo.


All the benefits of using a promo

Promos are practically free money that you can gamble with. It allows players to place their bets, without worrying too much about the risks. If you lose your wager, you are not losing your own money but the bonus. This also allows you to try some games out and still be able to win a real prize.

Sign up bonus at the Unibet website

This online casino offers a unique promo to every player that registers on their website. This is also called the welcome offer. The only thing that players have to do, is to create a Unibet casino account and place their first deposit. Afterwards, the bonus will be deposited into the account of the player.


Promotions for existing players with an account

The Unibet bonus is not only available for new registering players. Existing players with an account can also receive a promo. Some of these promotions are for special events, like a big tournament or a sporting event. Here are some more examples of bonuses for existing players.


Win big prizes by participating in the tournament

Every week, different tournaments are being held on this gambling site. Sometimes there is a special Unibet offer for players participating in these tournaments, like extra money or the possibility to keep your winnings.


Drop and wins prizes while playing slot machines

Drop and wins are very popular as a casino bonus. Players can win random prizes by participating in big tournaments. It is very similar to playing a lottery. Some slot machines have a special feature that offers drops and wins prizes.


Increase your chances with the jackpot promo

At last, there are unique promos for jackpot games. These are slots that have a very large pay-out. The main price is often millions of euros, but there is a very slim chance to win it. By using the promo, you can minimize your losses.

Refer a friend bonus code

Players can also receive a personalized bonus for referring a friend. The person that they are referring must create an account with the link and place a deposit. Afterwards, the bonus will be transferred to the account. Players can receive up to €350 in bonus money by referring three people. For the first two players, it is €100 each.


How to claim a bonus at Unibet

You need to create an account on their website to be able to claim the Unibet casino bonus. Then you must place a minimum deposit and the promo will be credited to your account.

Using promo code at the Unibet website

Unibet does not require a promo code to claim Unibet welcome bonuses. On their promotion page, you can choose a promo and click on it to claim it. However, there is space available to fill in the code, if you have received a unique promo.


Bonuses for the Unibet mobile casino

All the Unibet online casino games and other services are available on mobile. This also includes the bonuses and promotions that are being offered. The same bonuses are available on mobile. You can even activate the bonus on desktop and start using it on mobile.


The wagering requirement of bonuses explained

Every promo has its own wagering requirements. Players must wager the value of a bonus a couple of times before the casino is willing to pay them out. For example, if you receive a bonus with a value of €10 and a wagering requirement of 10 times. You have to wager at least €100 (€10 times 10) to receive a payout.


Breakdown of the bonus terms and conditions

Besides the wagering requirements, there are other terms and conditions for the Unibet casino bonus that players must comply with. Here are the main rules that you should take into consideration:


Bonuses are available for a limited time

When a promo has been claimed, it is only available for a limited time. If the bonus is not used in time, it will disappear.


Promos for certain casino games

Some bonuses that are being offered, can only be used for certain games. For example, the welcome offer can only be used for 600 games, while there are more than 2.000 games available on the website.


Limitations on the available bets

Unibet can also limit what type of bets can be placed with the bonus money. This is mainly used for the sportsbook bonuses, which require that the money can only be used for certain odds.


The restrictions on bonus withdrawals

A promo that has been claimed, cannot be withdrawn instantly. Instead, there are certain wagering requirements that a player must comply with, before being able to withdraw it.


Order of funds used for wagering

If you have your own funds in your Unibet account, this money will be used first before the bonus. It is not possible to change this order.


Cancelling a bonus and its requirements

It is possible to cancel a bonus if you think that you are not able to meet the requirements. By cancelling the promo, the bonus will be removed from your account.

Frequently asked questions about the Unibet bonuses

If you have a question about the Unibet bonuses and promotions that are being offered, it is recommended to continue reading the next paragraphs:

  • What welcome offer is there for new players?

    New players can receive a €150 welcome offer for creating an account on the website. This is a deposit bonus, which means that you will receive additional funds for your first deposit. The money can be used to wager on 600 different games. The welcome offer can also be used on mobile devices.

  • How do I get my Unibet bonus?

    To be able to claim a bonus on the Unibet website, you first need to register. You can do this by sharing some personal information with the casino, such as your full name, address and age. After this step, you can place your first deposit and claim the bonus. No code is needed.

  • How can I get Free Spins on Unibet?

    Free Spins are one of the most popular bonuses among online gamblers. It is easy to use and allows players to play the best slot machines. Unibet offers Free Spins for selected slots. Also, for this bonus, you must first create an account and make a deposit.

  • How does bonus money work on Unibet?

    Bonus money can be used to place bets, just like the deposit that you make to your account. However, there are some terms and conditions for using a promo. It is not possible to withdraw the bonus, like with a cash reward. Moreover, players can only choose selected games to use the bonus on.

  • Can I withdraw my bonus balance?

    The received bonus money can never be directly cashed out. The player must first wager the promo a couple of times before the casino will consider a withdrawal. These are the so-called wagering requirements. Unibet does not offer a no wagering bonus, where the bonus can be withdrawn straight away.