Unibet Live Blackjack

For those individuals who like to gamble, there are many different options of games to choose from. One which is very well known is blackjack. For players who want to enjoy this game at its best, then they will want to play Unibet Live Blackjack, or as some call the game, Unibet Blackjack 21.

Unibet Blackjack 21

Unibet Blackjack 21 is the same game as blackjack, which is the typical American term for it. Unibet Blackjack 21 is the Unibet brand’s version of it. The variations in the name may get confusing, but they are referring to the same game, which is blackjack. This is a simple game played with cards with one main objective. That is to beat the dealer, which can be done in two ways, which are:

  • The player has the goal of getting a total of 21 points from the first two cards which the dealer will give him. If the player achieves this, then they have blackjack.
  • Or, the player has to get a higher score than the dealer without the score going over 21.
  • Or, the dealer ends up drawing additional cards and ends up going over 21. This means the dealer has busted.

Live BlackjackUnibet Live Blackjack

For those people who want to play blackjack online in the most exciting setting, then they will want to play Unibet Live Blackjack. This is the next best thing to being at a live casino where they can enjoy playing this game. For a lot of those who enjoy Unibet Live Blackjack, they feel that playing this way is even better than going to a bricks and mortar casino, for reasons such as:

  • They don’t have to leave home to enjoy the action
  • They get to choose from many different versions of the game
  • Players can choose to play at any time they want
  • If they are playing the mobile version of Unibet Live Blackjack, they can play while on the go

These are just some of the various reasons why so many want to play live blackjack at Unibet.

Unibet Live Blackjack Versions

Being able to play the game of blackjack is one thing, but being able to choose from different versions of the game takes the excitement of this game up a notch. Unibet has made sure that they are offering a good variety of this game on its live casino platform. Some of the choices are:

  • Blackjack Lobby: Here, the players get an oversight as to what the basics of blackjack are about and the opportunity to choose which game they want to enjoy.
  • Free Bet Blackjack: Some of the options here are double down and split bets if a hand qualifies. There is no limit to the seats so that anyone can join a game at any time.
  • Infinite Blackjack: This version of blackjack has low betting limits. It also allows the playing of four optional side bets. There is no actual set limit on the number of seats.

While each of these games is based on the basics of the standard game of blackjack, there are slight differences in each of them which make them unique. For those who are new to playing either blackjack or Unibet Live Blackjack, there is plenty of help right on the Unibet platform. For example, once logged into the Live Blackjack lobby, there is a full explanation of the game. Then, from this platform, the players can choose which live room they want to enter. They will immediately see the live dealers who have been assigned to the individual rooms.

The Difference Between Unibet Blackjack 21 and Unibet Live Blackjack

The big difference between these two versions of blackjack is the atmosphere in which they are played. When playing Unibet Blackjack 21, the player is going against a computerised dealer. With the Unibet Live Blackjack, the player is playing in real time with a live dealer running the game. The entire atmosphere of the live play mimics a bricks and mortar casino. Players can interact with the dealer just as they would in a live setting.

Live Blackjack2

The Unibet Live Blackjack Software Providers

The Unibet brand relies on only the very best software providers for their casino action. For the Unibet live casino, they are offering games provided by Evolution and NetEnt.

  • Evolution: Each live casino software provider has their unique versions of how they present their live casino platform. Evolution relies on two exceptionally designed casino studios for the production and interaction of their live games. These studios are located in Riga, Latvia. They are claiming that they have more live games running at any given time compared to any land-based casinos.
  • NetEnt: This is another very well known and respected casino software provider. The live casino software provided by NetEnt focuses on live blackjack and live roulette. This provider came into the live casino business in 2013. They operate studios in Malta where the live casino action takes place.

About the Unibet Brand

Live casino action may indeed be enjoyed on many different platforms on the internet. Several components are in place which make the Unibet version of live blackjack the best choice out of all of these other options. For example:

  • Credibility

Unibet is part of a larger organisation, which is the Kindred Group. As a gambling operator, this group is comprised of thirteen brands. Brand recognition is something they have worked very hard at. They have a reputation to uphold, and this is their priority.

  • Established

Unibet is not new to the online gaming industry. Unibet itself has been around since 1997. Since then, they have studied what the wants and needs are of online casino players. With the knowledge they have gained, they have been able to put together a live casino platform which meets all of the expectations of their players.

Unibet believes in giving back to its players and the community. For the players, they do this through a variety of promotions. For the community, Unibet sponsors a wide selection of events, as well as different sports teams.